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We'll remain by your side through the appeals process

Many people don't realize that most initial claims are denied. When it comes to Social Security, it is our job to fight to protect your rights. We do this throughout the appeals process. Even if you've been denied, we may be able to help you appeal your case.

There are generally 4 levels of appeals:

We don't give up on your Social Security benefits

We have experience in all aspects of the appeals process. We'll work hard for you to ensure you are given every chance possible to obtain benefits. Expect reliable service from our team. With over 27 years of experience, you can trust Attorney Tevebaugh with your case.

Experience makes all of the difference

We understand you're worried. Hire a compassionate and dedicated attorney.

Discuss the appeals process with us today.


  • Reconsideration

  • Hearing by an administration law judge

  • Review by the Appeals Council

  • Federal court review